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Maphilindo Silat

Guro Dan Inosanto, to honour his Silat instructors, founded Maphilindo Silat, basing it on the various systems of Silat he studied under Silat masters from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, including Herman Suwanda, Edgar Sulite, and Leo Gaje.

The "Ma" comes from the Malaysian influence found in Maphilindo Silat. The "Phil" is from the Filipino influence, and finally, the "Indo" derives from its Indonesian influences.

Maphilindo Silat is essentially a counter fighting style and incorporates empty hand techniques with the use of weapons such as the short stick and sarong. The general idea is to manipulate and destruct a part, parts, or the whole of an opponent's body in a minimal period of time. This goal is achieved through an emphasis on a flow, or smooth transition, of techniques and movements through the phases of entering, takedown, and finishing.

The range of techniques used in Maphilindo Silat, and in the traditional/foundational styles, is not extensive. The major striking techniques include finger thrusts, guntings, elbows, and knees, along with manipulative techniques such as arm pulls, head pulls, head turns, leg sweeps, knee compressions, arm breaks, elbow levers, and chokes.